Welcome to TCLI Productions

TCLI MISSION............
Our mission Is to reach out to young people on a social and professional basis to enhance their future by using their own musical abilities on and off stage. Furthermore; we will teach them skills used in the music industry,which will develop and enhance their knowledge of the music business.We strive to make students the best they can be in anything they choose to do in there musical endeavors.

For so many kids, music is an escape, and while many listen to music, maybe making music will change their lives, TCLI productions want to give youth between the age of 12-17 a musical outlet that will improve their lives and help them make better decisions. TCLI wants to combine their passion for music and their desire to help youth by pulling unknown talented youth from everywhere in Chattanooga and teach youth that there are other options then the negative things that are out there. TCLI Productions provides an outlet of training and resources for youth between the ages of 12-17 in for group or individual vocal coaching or producing and recording training. This program is for individuals with a great passion for the music industry. Our class setting will show you how to produce music by using vocal conditioning and various instrumental techniques. Our studios are for students to get a feel of what it's like to be a music artist. Our music class will teach students various aspects of vocal training for solos or group performances. We push young people to do their best in their future musical career in a fun and exciting way. Our students will showcase what they have learned to real music artists and record labels. We will build their self confidence in their singing ability and make it their strength.